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Paper repository of the Austrian botanical journal NEILREICHIA, which is published annually by the Austrian Association for Floristic Research (“Verein zur Erforschung der Flora Österreichs”). Whereas papers of the current volume are embargoed for one...

Curated by: Neilreichia


Project updates and data sharing among EuroFlow ESRs

Curated by: GabrieleConsoli


Data — Open Access Journal of ʻData in Scienceʼ Data (ISSN 2306-5729) is an open access journal on data in science, with the aim of enhancing data transparency and reusability. The journal publishes in two sections: a section on the collection,...

Curated by: Data_MDPI

Hyperspectral natural imaging

Guide file for the database In this database we provide full-spectrum (200 – 1000 nm) scans from natural scenes measured with a custom built hyperspectral scanner, as presented in our accompanying publication Nevala & Baden 2018 bioRxiv, and as...

Curated by: nnevala


ARCHER is the latest UK National Supercomputing Service which started in November 2013 and is expected to run for 5 years. This ARCHER community on zenodo is to share open access materials relevant to ARCHER, such as eCSE technical reports, white...

Curated by: xguo-epcc

Biomedical Cybernetics

Applications of cybernetics in life sciences. The field includes information processing, signal transduction, decision making and control structures in living organisms.

Curated by: jwdietrich

XVI Symposium of Mexican Students and Studies in the UK

This repository contains extended abstract contributions for the XVI Symposium of Mexican Studies and Students: Developing Mexico; Embrace the Challenge, held at the University of Southampton in 11-13 July 2018.

Curated by: fjab1g13

POEM - Participatory Memory Practices - Concepts, strategies, and media infrastructures for envisioning socially inclusive potential futures of European Societies through culture

The community collection provides research data, publications and materials from the POEM Innovative Training Network. POEM has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 764859.

Curated by: GertraudKoch


The principal objective of HYDROSOL‐PLANT (SP1-JTI-FCH.2012.2.5/ Contract No:325361) is the development and operation of a plant for solar thermo‐chemical hydrogen production from water in a 750 kWth scale on a solar tower, based on the HYDROSOL...

Curated by: Chrysa


This community collects the publications and research data deriving from the RES URBIS project funded under H2020 CIRC-05 call.

Curated by: Lighea

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