2017 ESO Calibration Workshop: the second generation VLT instruments and friends

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2017 ESO Calibration Workshop: the second generation VLT instruments and friends

With the 2017 ESO Calibration Workshop we intend to bring together astronomers and instrument scientists from various fields of expertise to share their experience, engage in open discussion, challenge current limitations and try to develop creative concepts for better calibration in the future. We plan to cover

  • all calibration aspects that are relevant to the user community or science operations for ESO’s Paranal (VLT) and La Silla sites,
  • the progress made in characterizing the properties of the atmosphere that allow  science operations to  make the  best use of  the current conditions,
  • the progress made in data reduction and pipeline tools.

Potential topics therefore  include high  quality flat-fielding;  high precision wavelength calibration;  metrology;  calibration  for  high  contrast imaging,  astrometry,  integral  field spectroscopy,  multiple  object spectroscopy  (multi-slit,  multi-fiber),  photometry;  infra-red  sky background  correction;  reference  data (atomic  and  molecular  line parameters); characterization of atmospheric properties and forecasting; atmospheric modeling for data reduction, calibration challenges of survey instruments.

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September 6, 2017
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