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"Rache" in ausgewählten deutschen Dichtungen Eine interpretierende Studie

Assist. Dozent: Salah Rajeh Jassim

A paper submitted by the Many famous works of German literature had been selected and a detail for the work events with analysis the way of revenge, its reasons & incentives had been narrated.

The visit of the old lady is a play, written by Friedrich Durrenmatt. The old lady revenges from her previous lover who denies the sonships of their daughter and his claim has been gained against her throughout faked witnesses that violated her honor. When the poor woman had married from on of the rich people and got inheritance, she returned to the city and revenging from any one who hurt her, the first one is her previous lover.  

The Lost Honor for Katrina Blum )) is a novel written by Heinrich  Böll. He portrays to us; the soft girl is Katrina; it is a peaceful girl working as housekeeper, acquainting & falling in love of a yang man in one of the parties. This young man was chased, wanted by the police and justice, Katrina spent the night with her lover and    was surprised by a strong intrusion of her apartment by the police. The investigation has been verified & the yellow journalism, ruined her; pretending that she had a relationship with the terrorists. Bad news has been reported about her; leading to the increasing of the paper's purchase. However, this led to Katrina's mother's death. So, Katrina had to revenge and killed the journalist who dishonored ruined her.


Effi Briest) is a novel written by Theodor Fontana. The heroin; is a young woman ''being affected by her mother'' married from duke who is older than her by 21 years. The duke was always busy in formal trips, leaving the young woman ( Eife)  alone by  herself in the house , no one talks to her. Therefore, she was forced to meet one of her ex- husband's friends and love affair has been started. The duke finds out this relationship by accidentally, challenging his wife's  lover, fighting , killing him by angrily, The Duke prevented his wife to see her daughter and left her alone, till her death, 

Unexpected Return) is a play written by Botho Strauß; the husband found out that his wife is a pregnant by his friend. His friend raped, attempted to kill her by wrapping her in carpet of house. He escaped, leaving her in her bloody shape.  She was saved & aborted by her husband. In return to that, he forced her to be a housewife serving him his beloved. Not only this, but he also observed her for twenty years above the mountain. The husband explained the way of revenge from his wife to his friend who unexpectedly returned to the crime scene when he lost his way. 


Emilia Galotti) is a play written by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, it is about a  pretty woman ; she accidentally met the price who immediately loved in a mass . The prince wanted to get her by all means in spite of being engaged to the prince asked one his men to set up Emalia's fiancé and killing him & kidnapping her to the prince palace. When Emilia's father recognized what had happened to his daughter; the duke headed to this palace, carrying a dagger along with him that had been given him by the ex- sweetheart of the prince, she indented that the duke would kill the prince in revenge.  But this dagger inserted in Emilia's heart that she realized that there is no way to escape. She asked her father to stab her in order to keep her honor.

Throughout; my paper of selected works that I dealt with ( the theme of revenge ), the bottom line was sad for the revenge  and he had been led to dark destiny or destroying what around him to be killer and to be joyful in the murdering people .

Thus, this is a destiny of every one thinking to kill. If the revenge gives up his wanton plans; the crises, problem would be solved that he suffered gradually.  But the spirit of revenge; blind the eyes to open his eyes later & every thing had been lost.

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