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silx-kit/silx: v0.7.0: 2018/03/01

Pierre Knobel; Thomas VINCENT; Valentin Valls; payno; Jerome Kieffer; V. Armando Solé; dnaudet; Pierre Paleo; Marius Retegan; Hans Fangohr; UUSim; picca; CaptainNemoz; Christopher J. Wright

  • Input/output:

    • Priovides to parse supported links identifying group or dataset from files.
    • now supports h5pyd and silx custom URLs.
    • is provided to allow to reach a numpy array from silx.
  • OpenCL:

    • Provides an API to share memory between OpenCL tasks within the same device.
    • Provides CBF compression and decompression.
    • Simple processing on images (normalization, histogram).
    • Sift upgrade using memory sharing.

    • Added contour3d function for displaying 3D isosurfaces.
    • Added points3d function for displaying 2D/3D scatter plots.
    • Added ginput function for interactive input of points on 1D/2D plots.
  • Graphic user interface:

    • Provides a file dialog to pick a dataset or a group from HDF5 files.
    • Provides a file dialog to pick an image from HDF5 files or multiframes formats.
    • The colormap dialog can now be used as non-modal.
    • PlotWidget can save the displayed data as a new NXentry of a HDF5 file.
    • PlotWidget exports displayed data as spec files using more digits.
    • Added new OpenGL-based 3D visualization widgets:

      • Supports 3D scalar field view 2D/3D scatter plots and images.
      • Provides an object oriented API similar to that of the 1D/2D plot.
      • Features a tree of parameters to edit visualized item's properties (e.g., transforms, colormap...)
      • Provides interactive panning of cut and clip planes.
    • Updates of ScalarFieldView widget:

      • Added support for a 3x3 transform matrix (to support non orthogonal axes)
      • Added support of an alternative interaction when ctrl is pressed (e.g., rotate by default and pan when ctrl/command key is pressed).
      • Added 2 sliders to control light direction in associated parameter tree view.
  • silx view:

    • Uses a single colormap to show any datasets.
    • The colormap dialog can stay opened while browsing the data.
    • The application is associated with some file types to be used to load files on Debian.
    • Provides a square amplitude display mode to visualize complex images.
    • Browsing an NXentry can display a default NXdata.
    • Added explanation when an NXdata is not displayable.
    • NXdata visualization can now show multiple curves (see @auxiliary_signals).
    • Supports older NXdata specification.
  • silx convert:

    • Added handling of file series as a single multiframe
    • Default behavior changes to avoid to add an extra group at the root, unless explicitly requested (see --add-root-group).
    • Writer uses now utf-8 text as default (NeXus specification).
    • EDF files containing MCA data are now interpreted as spectrum.
  • Miscellaneous:

    • Added silx.utils.testutils to share useful unittest functions with other projects.
    • Python 2 on Mac OS X is no longer tested.
    • Experimental support to PySide2.
    • If fabio is used, a version >= 0.6 is mandatory.

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