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microPIECE (microRNA pipeline enhanced by CLIP experiments)

Amsel, Daniel; Billion, André; Vilcinskas, Andreas; Förster, Frank

The microPIECE (microRNA pipeline enhanced by CLIP experiments) takes the AGO-CLIP data from a speciesA and transfers it to a speciesB. Given a set of miRNAs from speciesB it then predicts their targets on the transfered CLIP regions.

The archive of the repository was generated using the following commands:

git clone -b ${VERSION} microPIECE-${VERSION}
rm -rf microPIECE-${VERSION}/.git
rm microPIECE-${VERSION}/.gitignore microPIECE-${VERSION}/.travis.yml
tar czf microPIECE-${VERSION}.tar.gz microPIECE-${VERSION}



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