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Pendidikan Karakter di Lingkungan Keluarga Selama Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh pada Masa Pandemi COVID-19

Purandina, I Putu Yoga; Winaya, I Made Astra

COVID-19 provides a bad life for human life. All activities become 
inhibited and limited. Similarly in the field of education. Students 
must learn and do their activities at home. But this can be a good 
development for the development of the character of education in 
Family Environment. Thus the purpose of this research is to study 
whether research studies while at home are accompanied by parents 
who are able to develop character education, that is the first. Second, 
to find out what character values can be developed during learning at 
home. Third, to find out the cause of developing with these character 
values. This study used qualitative research method. With case 
studies on kindergarten and elementary school students in 
Kecamatan Marga. Data obtained by distributing questionnaires to 
students, parents and teachers through the Whatsapp group of 
teachers and parents of students. Also strengthened by interview 
data on students, parents and teachers. The results showed 
differences in the development of character education and the 
relationship between children and parents that were quite good 
during learning from this house. Character values that can be 
developed from activities carried out by students at home are (1) 
Religious, (2) Disciplinary, (3) Creative, (4) Independent, (5) 
Responsibility, and (6) Curiosity. The development of these character 
values is the result of the synergy of teachers and parents in guiding 
students with gratitude, engaging, carrying out positive activities 
together in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesian context
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