Dataset Open Access

A modular set of synthetic spectral energy distributions for young stellar objects - Robitaille (2017) - v1.1 [Hyperion files]

Robitaille, Thomas

These are the input and output files for the radiative transfer code (Hyperion) for the model sets presented in

A modular set of synthetic spectral energy distributions for young stellar objects, Robitaille (2017)

Each model set is provided as a single tar file. Each tar file expands to grids-1.1/<set name>, so if you expand all tar files in the same folder, you will end up with a single grids-1.1 folder with 18 sub-folders, one for each model set.

For a given model set, the files are as follows:

  • grids-1.1/<set name>/input - input Hyperion files
  • grids-1.1/<set name>/log - log files from Hyperion
  • grids-1.1/<set name>/output - output Hyperion files
  • grids-1.1/<set name>/par - parameters for each model
  • grids-1.1/<set name>/ranges.conf - ranges of parameters varied in the model set
  • grids-1.1/<set name>/parameters.hdf5 - table of parameters for all models
  • grids-1.1/<set name>/d03_5.5_3.0_A_sub.hdf5 - dust file used for the models

Given the large number of models for some of the model sets, the models are not all stored directly inside the par, input, output or log directories - instead these directories contain folders formed from the first two characters (forced to lowercase) of the names of the models they contain. For example, a3 contains all models whose name starts with a3 or A3. This was done to avoid having too many files in a single folder which can cause issues on certain file systems.

For the Hyperion input and output files, in some cases an _sed file is present. In these cases, the output SEDs (and polarization spectra) should be read from the _sed file, not the original output file. This is the case for all models that are in a set for which the ambient medium was present, as described in §4.2.3 of Robitaille (2017). Furthermore, in some cases the SED file is called _sed_noscat to indicate that scattering was not included, as described in §5.1 of Robitaille (2017).

To avoid taking up too much disk space, the Hyperion HDF5 input/output files use external links to refer to each other and to the dust file. To make sure the links work, you should do all operations with the input/output files from the directory containing grids-1.1. For example, to open a Hyperion output file, you would need to do (in Python):

    In [1]: from hyperion.model import ModelOutput

    In [2]: mo = ModelOutput('grids-1.1/s---s-i/output/a3/A3kQmQtj.rtout')

A notebook with examples of reading in the output files can be found here:

More information on using Hyperion, including reading input/output files, can also be found at

For announcements of new versions of these models, you can subscribe to the following mailing list:!forum/protostars

For questions or issues using these models, you can open a GitHub issue in the companion repository:

Files (682.3 GB)
Name Size
s---s-i.tar md5:dac711b89ed318e8b71d5297b57cab95 782.0 MB Download
s---smi.tar md5:2f6cba5b79ae12966ac7735b53dd2709 3.4 GB Download
s-p-hmi.tar md5:792818621bf5c9530c858ce974040c49 2.6 GB Download
s-p-smi.tar md5:10942a8e0ae1502ab89c4d41efd5b26d 2.7 GB Download
s-pbhmi.tar md5:afc0f797abd6d6645f3644b699a88815 23.8 GB Download
s-pbsmi.tar md5:22ee40cf777891d00e8a0814dfd56b02 24.0 GB Download
s-u-hmi.tar md5:1176eafb1f976c7d8356f07319cc553f 29.0 GB Download
s-u-smi.tar md5:6db1ce8ff2c0706fc69d04499ea70711 30.0 GB Download
s-ubhmi.tar md5:f01b6942f85ce97023e5c93595c71c92 28.2 GB Download
s-ubsmi.tar md5:f6468261a4ef6134a16dd938fb2cca80 28.7 GB Download
sp--h-i.tar md5:2c3ead61e98a2de77bb2cd93ea32816f 11.7 GB Download
sp--hmi.tar md5:900635927a2f4efcc2eeab5f8d6fcb5f 29.4 GB Download
sp--s-i.tar md5:1b117096f1ff71f7a8e28a7b7f328335 15.2 GB Download
sp--smi.tar md5:0b3d722524881c2003ebdeb75af5e5a8 31.4 GB Download
spu-hmi.tar md5:2e717d8fc16d2ab2c3bfd90387e94e85 30.0 GB Download
spu-smi.tar md5:b50a3d5fb0b142de1ef8a7582fc0fcd6 30.9 GB Download
spubhmi.tar md5:0bba6011abba6fee90ac188f7164873b 236.4 GB Download
spubsmi.tar md5:f80141e5261b2a00e2d6773c69584d4d 124.0 GB Download


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