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geodynamics/pylith: PyLith v2.2.1

Brad Aagaard; Charles Williams; Matthew Knepley

  • Added new examples.

    • examples/3d/subduction: New suite of examples for a 3-D subduction zone. This intermediate level suite of examples illustrates a wide range of PyLith features for quasi-static simulations.

    • examples/2d/subduction: Added quasi-static spontaneous rupture earthquake cycle examples (Steps 5 and 6) for slip-weakening and rate- and state-friction.

    • These new examples make use of ParaView Python scripts to facilitate using ParaView with PyLith.

  • Improved the PyLith manual

    • Added diagram to guide users on which installation method best meets their needs.

    • Added instructions for how to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux to install the PyLith Linux binary on systems running Windows 10.

  • Fixed bug in generating Xdmf files for 2-D vector output. Converted Xdmf generator from C++ to Python for more robust generation of Xdmf files from Python scripts.

  • Updated spatialdata to v1.9.10. Improved error messages when reading SimpleDB and SimpleGridDB files.

  • Updated PyLith parameter viewer to v1.1.0. Application and documentation are now available on line at Small fix to insure hierarchy path listed matches the one for PyLith.

  • Updated PETSc to v3.7.6. See the PETSc documentation for a summary of all of the changes.

  • Switched to using CentOS 6.9 for Linux binary builds to insure compatibility with glibc 2.12 and later.

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