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EgBot: The Example Generator Project

A project to show that an autonomous machine can contribute to mathematical discussion by generating appropriate examples in such a way that human participants appreciate, respond to and extend its contributions.

Curated by: Irina

NOCTURNO - Non-Conventional Wave Propagation for Future Sensing and Actuating Technologies

To provide novel sensing and actuating solutions able to address the burning issues in agriculture today, NOCTURNO will bring together and synergistically advance several highly promising research directions which have been investigated separately in...

Curated by: nikolina

Anais dos Encontros de Pós-Graduandos da FCAV

Anais dos Encontros de Pós-Graduandos da FCAV

Curated by: rcsbiotech

24/7 noc monitoring

Curated by: externetworks

Births, mothers and babies: prehistoric fertility in the Balkans between 10000 – 5000 BC

The ERC BIRTH project investigate the key biological and cultural mechanisms affecting fertility rates resulting the Neolithic Demogaphic Transition, the major demographic shift in human evolution. We integrate skeletal markers with micro-nutritional...

Curated by: Sole

fractional order systems

Fractional calculus, Non‑Integer Order Calculus,  fractional-order systems, non-integer order systems

Curated by: marryd

Jornadas Sarteco 2018

This community has been created to allow authors of contributions to the Spanish Jornadas SARTECO 2018 conference make publicly available their works, presentations, datasets, etc. All contributions uploaded to this community can be assigned a DOI. To...

Curated by: jesusatc

Diversis mundi: The Solar System in an Exoplanetary context

This one-week workshop has for objective to bring together the solar system and exoplanet scientific communities and explore how the expertise and recent discoveries in those fields can feed and contrast each other. Strong interactions and...

Curated by: ESO Library

Mental Health Affairs

Twenty-first century treatment for people with a mental health diagnosis is advancing, largely driven by new trends in research and policy reform. These policies, for better or worse, prescribe and map a course for new treatment pathways and models for...

Curated by: Czar

Teaching Entomology

A collection of didactic resources to teach Entomology. All sorts of materials are accepted (lessons, presentations, preprints, published articles, abstracts, videos, software, drawings, etc) as long as they: turn teaching entomology into a...

Curated by: cupinzim

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