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ORCA: Open Research Code Archive

ORCA: Open Research Code Archive

Curated by: KevinMattheusMoerman


Curated by: pampel

ORISON: Observing from the stratosphere

ORISON overall project aims at boosting several fields of astronomy with the improvement of scientific instrumentation. The current action is addressed to carry out feasibility and design studies of an astronomically-oriented research infrastructure...

Curated by: pmisson

OSeMOSYS Community

Curated by: KTH-dESA

OSUC Datasets

Curated by: nathpot

Out of Africa

Topic covering the character of the earliest dispersals of some African Homo sapiens into Eurasia. Includes palaeoanthropological, palaeoenvironmental and genetic perspectives. 

Curated by: escerri

Output from EmbryoPhenomics studies

EmbryoPhenomics is an open-source technological platform for high-throughput quantification of developing aquatic embryos. It consists of some custom hardware OpenVIM, an open-source video microscope and...

Curated by: otills

Owlice Test Community

This is a test community set up to learn how Zenodo communities work and whether one will benefit my work.

Curated by: owlice

Paket Wisata LOmbok Murah 2018

paket wisata lombok. Turun dari pesawat ke bandara Lombok, menjadi panas yang menyesakkan, aku bertanya-tanya lagi apakah kita tidak melakukan kesalahan yang mengerikan. Antrian untuk keamanan menyelinap ke ujung lorong, penyejuk udara rusak, dan awak...

Curated by: paketwisatalombok

Pakiri Lab

Curated by: PeteCannon

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