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Historical climate model output of ECHAM5-wiso from 1871-2011 at T106 resolution

Nathan J. Steiger

Historical climate model simulation of the isotope-enabled ECHAM5-wiso model from the years 1871 to 2011 at T106 (1 degree) resolution. The model code was provided by Martin Werner of AWI. The simulations were designed and run by Nathan Steiger on the Yellowstone supercomputer. The boundary conditions were interpolated HadISST fields. The simulations also included updated fractionation factors (an option within the ECHAM5-wiso Fortran code). All variables here are at monthly resolution in netcdf format. Please contact Nathan Steiger if you have any questions about the simulation. In addition to the data citation, please also cite the following reference for where the data were first published: Steiger, N.J., E.J. Steig, S.G. Dee, G.H. Roe, and G.J. Hakim, (2017): Climate reconstruction using data assimilation of water-isotope ratios from ice cores. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, doi:10.1002/2016JD026011.

Standard variables include: ECHAM5 T106 orography, 2 m temperature, surface pressure, mean sea level pressure, vertically integrated water vapor, total precipitation, evaporation, soil moisture, relative humidity, specific humidity, atmospheric stream function at 200 hPa, geopotential height at 500 hPa, windspeed at 10 m, and u-velocity wind at 200 hPa. Isotope variables include: d18O and dD of total precipitation, d18O and dD of evaporation, d18O and dD of snow fall, d18O and dD of seasonal snow cover, d18O and dD of snow on glaciers, d18O and dD of soil moisture, and specific humidity of water isotopes.
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