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Airgun-ocean bottom seismometer survey dataset

Azuma, Ryosuke; Hino, Ryota; Ohta, Yusaku; Ito, Yoshihiro; Mochizuki, Kimihiro; Uehara, Kenji; Murai, Yoshio; Sato, Toshinori; Takanami, Tetsuo; Shinohara, Masanao; Kanazawa, Toshihiko

These data are the seismic waveform recordsections and the P-wave velocity model obtained by Azuma et al. (JGR, 2018), collected through an airgun-ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) survey.

The recordsections of 29 OBS are 'RAW data' with no waveform procedure and are formatted in SEG-Y. Length of each trace is 60 seconds. Offset ranges, distances along the survey line, position of each shot and OBS, are included in header.

The final velocity data is written in netCDF.

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