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Amygdala/Thalamus and Amygdala/Cortex connectivity

Abivardi, Aslan; Bach, Dominik R.

Data curator(s)
Gerster, Samuel

This dataset includes amygdala segmentation and tractography results from the first 50 subjects (28 female, age 22–35 years, mean 30 years) from the WU-Minn HCP Data-80 unrelated subjects release in the human connectome database ( [Van Essen et al., 2013].

This dataset accompanies the publication "Deconstructing White Matter Connectivity of Human Amygdala Nuclei with Thalamus and Cortex Subdivisions In Vivo"

Connection strength and density files are saved as .csv files with a comma as delimiter. Map data are stored as .nii files compressed as .gz.This research was supported by Wellcome Trust grants 091593/Z/10/Z
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