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stan-dev/math v2.16.0

Daniel Lee; Bob Carpenter; Peter Li; Michael Betancourt; maverickg; Rob Trangucci; Marcus Brubaker; Marco Inacio; Alp Kucukelbir; Mitzi Morris; Krzysztof Sakrejda; seantalts; Charles Margossian; Jeffrey Arnold; bgoodri; wds15; Matt Hoffman; thelseraphim; Avraham Adler; Dustin Tran; Alexey Stukalov; Rob J Goedman; Kevin S. Van Horn; Ben Bales; Juan Sebastián Casallas; Mike Lawrence; Brian Bloniarz; Seth Flaxman; Michael Shvartsman; Amos Waterland

v.2.16.0 (15 June 2017) New Features

  • New append_array function
  • Add categorical_logit_rng function
Bug Fixes
  • Align gamma_* function parameter names with documentation
  • Update to Eigen 3.3.3
  • Support g++ 4.9
  • Fix overload logic in mdivide_left_tri_low so that it calls the var version of mdivide_left_tri where appropriate.
  • Check consistent size of state and dy_dt in ode_system
  • OperandsAndPartials refactor with new multivariate / nested container support
  • Update LLT to inplace decomposition per eigen 3.3 doc
  • Disable printf functions from CVODES

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