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Modeling of the Nup84 subcomplex of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Shi, Yi; Fernandez-Martinez, Javier; Tjioe, Elina; Pellarin, Riccardo; Kim, Seung Joong; Williams, Rosemary; Schneidman-Duhovny, Dina; Rout, Michael; Sali, Andrej; Chait, Brian

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Webb, Benjamin

These scripts demonstrate the use of IMP, MODELLER, and PMI in the modeling of the Nup84 complex using 286 DSS/EDC chemical cross-links and an electron microscopy (EM) 2D class average.

First, MODELLER is used to generate initial structures for the individual components in the Nup84 complex. Then, IMP is used to model these components using DSS/EDC crosslinks and the electron microscopy 2D class average for the entire Nup84 complex.

For more information about how to reproduce this modeling, see or the README file.

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clus.1.aligned.dcd md5:db3d8b3272b8297b7d95bd1932a474b6 64.7 MB Download
clus.1.dcd md5:25cf348f861b6f6cfd74023788843c02 64.7 MB Download
clus.1.pdb.gz md5:4c1d2289b3b2b337d55757729b95be7b 96.2 MB Download
clus.2.aligned.dcd md5:55346bd30c89a660c7fcea2fd317f000 52.0 MB Download
clus.2.dcd md5:c0d70979b848c26c87c3d90a48d5f60a 52.0 MB Download
clus.2.pdb.gz md5:cc45bbace4a16ae8b2ed7e7a8397c7a6 77.4 MB Download md5:5671e1b81162c022cac9736f0b6c8062 83.7 MB Download md5:0a61faa36b5038396e3e0d31f13705d1 13.8 MB Download md5:95f62167280853f183b4c5da55c84111 5.1 MB Download


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